A few weeks ago I made a disturbing discovery: I had allowed worry to sneak back into my life.

You should understand, worry is something that crippled my personal growth for most of the first two dozen years of my life.

When I realized what worry had done to me, I got mad about it and determined to push back.

I did. And it worked. And that was great.

I went a step further and urged other people to stop worrying. This was personal.

So imagine my surprise and frustration when I realized I’d let my guard down and worry had come back. It fired me up all over again. So the battle has begun anew.

And this time I’m going to fight at a bigger scale.

This website is part of that battle. Here I’m going to share my own failures and successes, and help people who want to overcome worry but need some help.

My goal is to personally help 1,000 people effectively fight worry in 2021.

But 2021 isn’t here yet, and I don’t feel like waiting around. So my goal is to personally help 100 people by the end of this year.

If you’d like to be one of those 100, bookmark this blog. I’ve got good stuff coming in the next few weeks (Lord willing).

Live BIG,


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