Yesterday I preached from 1 Corinthians 4:1-5.

I’ve used that passage before to emphasize the three “courts” Paul mentions:

  • The court of public opinion
  • The court of your own conscience
  • The supreme court: God.

But I’ve noticed in studying back through the passage…

It identifies three pieces that can give you crystal clarity when it comes to the work you do.

And while Paul was talking specifically about his work in the Lord’s kingdom, you could use these same three pieces to help in whatever area you’re working on.

Piece One: What is your role? (Paul said he was a servant of Christ and a steward)

Piece Two: What is your responsibility within that role? (Paul knew a steward had to be faithful)

Piece Three: Who do you answer to? (Paul knew he couldn’t concern himself with what other people thought about him, and couldn’t consider himself successful just because he didn’t know anything against himself. What mattered was what God thought).

Do you see how those three pieces can be valuable in any work you do? And how confusion and anxiety will rule if those pieces aren’t in place?

If you don’t know what your role is, you won’t do the right things…

If you know your role, but don’t know all your job responsibilities, something’s going to get dropped.

If you know your role and your responsibilities, but try to report to the wrong person…I’ll leave you to imagine what could go wrong with that.

On the other hand, think how smoothly things can go when you know exactly what your role is in a situation, what your role-specific responsibilities are, and who you report to.

Live BIG,


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